Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upcoming projects

My little pony.

Hi everyone! I've had a much needed unwind after Ludo and have started thinking about what I want to make next. I have a constantly growing and evolving list of things I would like to make. I get an idea in my head and by the time I finish what I am doing, I have six more ideas in place of the last one.

I now keep a running list of the creatures I want to make in my desktop as well as in my phone. I'll be minding my own business doing something mundane and suddenly something painfully adorable or awesome will pop into my head.

For right now, I am working on a special request for my brother Michael. The armature and core are pictured above. This will be Death Pony the Apocalypse Pony from Robot Chicken. If you don't know what Robot Chicken is, it is a hilarious show on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network in the US. It is full of stop-motion animated shorts using action figures and toys (mostly from the 80's). Definitely not for the faint of heart, so don't blame me if you go looking for it and find it offensive.  :)

I am also working on a custom baby dragon that my lovely customer has given me 100% artistic and creative freedom on. Tentatively named "Fae" it is a beautiful pastel light green dragon that will have a soft heather purple underbelly and yellow glass eyes.

Do you recognize any of the pieces above? Left to right: Beau, Lucille, TBD, Jasmine, Mia, Tree of Life

Many moons ago, an acquaintance commissioned a piece from me to make a Tree of Life druid form from World of Warcraft. They backed out after I started work on the piece due to finances and it has been sitting at my workspace ever since. This was a lesson learned about how to run my business/hobby, but now I really want to finish it--if only to get it out of my workspace and into a loving home. Maybe before the end of this year?

 Tree of Life armature.

Stuff I really want to make and will most likely start on in the coming weeks:

-A classic garden gnome. I love gnomes. LOVE them. I want to make the quintessential garden gnome. Red hat, blue coat, long white beard.

-An angora rabbit. I got some really gorgeous local merino/angora blend fiber and some pure angora fiber. What could possibly be more fitting than to make a bunny?

-Dragons. I've got a few in mind, but one sticks out the most in my mind's eye. With all this beautiful white fiber I have now, I was thinking of making a big pure white dragon with wet felted wings. I've also been itching to make a sea dragon, water dragon, serpent of some sort. It will happen :)

-A snowy owl. A lot of times when I am making one thing, it evolves into another thing altogether or gives me an idea for something else. When making Heaven's head, I saw a strong resemblance to a snowy this has been on my list for a wee while.

So I'm off to work and will post photos of pieces as they are completed. If you have a special request in mind or would like to see me make something, drop me a line or leave a comment below.



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