Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lucille: WIP (Completed!)


Lucille is my latest dragon born May 29, 2010. She is made of a gorgeous merino wool which is multicoloured with blues, various shades of lilac and purple throughout. Her belly and claws are New Zealand Corriedale wool. Lucille measures 2 1/4 inches tall seated and 7 1/4 inches long with her tail extended.

Lucille has been SOLD.


She was sculpted over a strong wire armature and can be posed in many ways.

She will come to her new owner in a beautiful presentation box.

Her face has been carefully sculpted and is full of personality.


Her wings have a leathery texture and are also able to be gently posed.


 Her back scales have been sculpted one by one.


Her beautiful gold acrylic eyes give her realism.

Lucille is available for adoption on Ebay!

More outdoors photos of Lucille:

Here are updates of Lucille as she was a work in progress. See her come to life from her armature below.

May 29: Lucille is now finished. Pics to come!

May 29: Her belly has been shaped and her claws are going on now. I roll little pear shaped balls for the claws and apply them one by one, shaping them as they are felted on.

May 29: Her wings are dry and look fantastic! Great outcome, so the second set I made will go onto my next dragon (Who I've got some ideas for!). Last night I added her back scales and started work on her belly. Her claws and belly are all that need to be finished. She should be done today. More photos to come!

May 28: Finally have some time to continue work on this little lady. Her wings have been wired, cut and the first coat of transparent glaze has gone on. They are now drying. I used 2 layers of organza: seafoam green and a heather purple. The wire is in the center, sandwiched between the two organza layers. I've not tried this before and can't wait to see what the outcome will be. Hopefully good :) I've crafted a second set of wings in fantasy film on the off chance the organza ones don't work. Off to start the scales down her spine...

 Day 3 (May 23): Her paws are shaped and her body has been fleshed out and felted firm. I've added more contouring and personality to her face.

Sorry for the shoddy lighting. I'll do better next time :)

Edited May 23, 2010

Day 1 (May 21): Lucille is a work in progress. She started out as an armature that I just started to sculpt and put her to the side for a few months. I just started fleshing her out today. Her head is looking quite nice, and her front paws are shaping up nicely.

Lucille's beginnings above (front center). These were a few of my "abandoned" projects. The blue one became Beau, the purple one to the right became Jasmine and the little wire armature became Mia.

More coming soon...

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