Saturday, July 10, 2010

Falkor: Work in Progress (UPDATED July 11!)

***Scroll to the bottom of the post for updates!***

Falkor has been coming along great. I have his body completely finished and fleshed out. Today I started the very long process of applying all of the beadwork for his scales.

Here is his body. I felted a firm core of merino wool over a strong wire armature. I then applied another layer of merino/silk (80/20) over that to make his colour uniform.

After fleshing the body, I felted his paws. I have yet to make his claws, which I am sculpting of paperclay.

I have not yet attached his head. I am waiting to complete the scales and will then attach his head and add his adorable long floppy ears. This will be done right before I add his coat of luxurious mulberry silk.

His head and face came out perfect. I spent hours poring over the internet looking for good movie stills and YouTube videos. I wanted to capture every single feature on his face to recreate his expression in wool.

Here is the beadwork I have done so far. I have sewn on hundreds of clear and iridescent glass seed beads. I also bought some cream coloured glass pearls and some gorgeous cream/iridescent New Zealand shell beads. I am still trying how I am going to incorporate them in and transition from the clear to cream.

It is very hard to capture how this looks in a photograph, but here is a portion of the tail that I have completed. I have many more hours of sewing to go and then the hard part: felting in tiny sections of mulberry silk, trimming to the proper lengths and rooting it properly.

What do you think of Falkor so far?


Update 5/7/10 (New Zealand Time)

I've got most of the beadwork done and attached his head. I've also added more definition to his face. Here are some pics of the additional work done:


Updated 6 July
Today I started hand rooting Falkor's silk coat. This is very labour intensive, but worth every minute!



Slow going, but still happy with the direction I chose to take with this piece. I suppose I could have just felted everything and called it a day, but I really wanted to make this as true to the original as possible.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to root fibre. I am using this technique to add Falkor's fur. It is a very time consuming process which is why this will take me a few days to finish.

First, take a small length of fibre. I am using mulberry silk as fur in this instance. I am using about 1/4" widths or less.

Next, root the fibre in. I find that a fine needle like a 40 triangle works best for this. You want to place the end where you want it to be rooted. Felt in against the edge, leaving the rest loose. Do not felt any more than the edge. Think of your scalp :)

Gently give it a tug once you have felted the edge in. If fibres start to pull away, go back and felt them in a little more.

Once you have made sure it is felted in securely, cut away the remaining length. I cut it on a diagonal and in different directions for a more natural layered look, rather than cutting straight across.

Gently comb the section with your needle, spreading it out to make the fur uniform with the rest. Repeat the whole process from step 1, moving up a few millimeters each time so there are no gaps and the fur looks full and natural.

After several hours, I am 2 1/2 inches up his tail.  Be patient and take your time for good results. 


I've been ill the last couple of days so I haven't finished Falkor yet. I am hoping to have him done tomorrow or Monday at the latest.  Still about a good 4 hours of work to be done as far as scales on his neck, rooting the fur on his neck and face, making and attaching his ears and attaching and painting his claws.

Rooting his fur has taken me a few days as this is really detailed work that is labour intensive. Here are some shots to show his progress so far.


Falkor is just about completed. His claws have cured and I will attach them tonight and paint them tomorrow and that is it. This journey has lasted me much much longer than my originally anticipated 30 hours. I would put the work completed at around 70-90 hours. I have no way of knowing. I spent 2-8 hours a day on him (4 hours today alone). So here are pics of him completed. His glamour shots are to follow in his "completed" post.


What do you think? I have been toying with just opening his other eye. Maybe it is because I have been staring at him for three weeks. I have lost all objectivity in this project. :)


  1. Beautiful handwork!!!!
    It is nice to show the process of making Falkor!!! Thank you!!!
    Kind regards,

  2. It is beautiful!! You are so creative and unique. I'm jealous.

  3. Irma, he's absolutely stunning already! LOVING the beadwork so far!!

  4. Falkor is going to be a beauty! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress.

  5. That totally rocks. The Face is Perfect.

  6. I always wanted a Falkor for my very own! Yours is much too tiny to ride upon, but adorable none the less. Can't wait to see him finished!!

  7. This is so beautiful! I love that movie.

  8. That is amazing work, and the face is identical! I love Falkor, this is a brilliant idea :D

  9. That is so awesome! I can't wait to see how he turns out! Great job!

  10. Irma: awesome job! He looks just like his larger counterpart. You are so talented. Love you and miss you!

  11. The beads are looking so nice!
    Looking forward for your finished one!

  12. This is gorgeous! You got his face exactly right, too (and I should know; I watched the NeverEnding Story every day for about four months when I was in grade school, and wished for my own luck dragon every time).

    I can't wait to see the finished results!

  13. Your work is amazing!!! Congratulations!!! I cannot stop looking at it!! :)

  14. So cute! My daughter, 5 years old, is crazy about the neverending story... (think she watched it around 20times :)) so I promised her to look to purchase a flakor doll, is your is still to sell ?

    1. Hello, this one has been sold and I honestly would not recommend it for a young child as it contains small parts...not to mention they sell for $650. I think the Neverending Story is fantastic as well! She has great taste in movies. I could felt one that would be ok for a child but would not be as detailed as the one in this series. Contact me at if you are interested in a commission. Thanks!



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