Monday, June 28, 2010

Say Hello to Falkor!

I know I said I wasn't going to show any work in progress shots of him, but I feel like a kid on Xmas Eve! I just have to shake the present and maybe peel the corner of the wrapping paper back...just a little...

I spent a good 4-6 hours on Falkor's head. I lost track of time and I don't usually work in solid blocks unless I get into my "artistic zone". I work at my desk and my laptop is always sitting here tempting me to look at amusing blogs or Etsy shops.

I spent heaps of time researching this handsome fellow. I pulled as many images as I could off of the web and found some great YouTube videos. I also discovered I don't own this movie on DVD. How is that even possible? I've got Willow, Labyrinth, The Princess Bride and The Dark Crystal (some of the best fantasy movies of the 80's!). How is The NeverEnding Story missing? I am at a loss as to how that happened.

This is probably the most detailed head I have ever made. There are layers upon layers that just aren't captured here in these photos. I have a sinking feeling that once he is completely done that photos will not do him justice. When I was applying and shaping his eyelids, I decided to keep one eye closed for that classic wink! The buyer will have the option to keep him this way or for me to open up the eye.

I am very pleased with how he has turned out so far and I am currently working on fleshing out his armature. I am using a merino wool as the core, wrapped over the wire. Once I have him fleshed out, I will do the final layer in the same gorgeous snow white merino/silk (80/20) blend that his head is made of. His back/scales will then be applied. I am using glass beads all the way down his back in an array of whites and irridescents.

Once the bead work is done, I will spend many, many hours applying his coat. I will apply layers of mulberry silk in small sections. I have yet to sculpt his paperclay claws.

Typing all that made me realize I need to keep going! Back to work for me!

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Until next time, Dreamers!


  1. He's looking fantastic! I have watched my daughter dry felt and I understand all the work that is involved. Beading! He will be beautiful!

  2. I make felted dolls and dollhouses, but my items are knitted first. It's a lot of work!



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