Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dragon Vial

Today I started a new felt. Then I got bored. This happens. Sometimes my head just isn't there. So I was rummaging through my findings, looking for some inspiration when I happened upon these tiny glass vials I bought ages ago. I thought to myself...why not?

So I decided to put tiny needle felted dragon inside. Easier said than done! This little fellow is 1/2 inch tall!!! He is sculpted from green merino wool and has tiny black merino horns.

He has tiny amber or orange glass seed beads for eyes. Look at how tiny he is!!! Photos just don't do him justice.

His miniscule wings are seafoam green organza over wire and are sealed and sprinkled with soap glitter.

Boy was it hard to get him into that vial and get him sitting the way I wanted! The vial measures 1 3/8" and 1 1/2" if you include the loop (18" black satin cord included). He can be worn around your neck, kept in your pocket, or keep you company on your desk for good luck!
Dragon Vial has been SOLD. If you would like a similar item, please contact me.

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