Thursday, May 20, 2010


An old fashioned key gave me the inspiration for Secret. With her mischievous smile and her hands holding out the key to some treasure to be unlocked, she is full of mystery and wonder.

Her dress is a pale blue crepe de chine and the overskirt is layered with seafoam green and purple organza. The sleeves are also layered organza with crepe flares and the waistband is a beautiful trellis trim. Her wings are a pale blue organza and wire with iridescent thread detail and glass beading on the tips.

Multicolor rosebuds add a burst of color on her headwreath as well as winding up her legs and are balanced out with her glass bead necklace that has a clasp to make it removable.

10 inches tall. Comes with signed original concept sketch.

Alternate and closeup views below.

If you are interested in purchasing Secret, please contact me.

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