Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nightshade: WIP (Completed!)

Nightshade is my latest dragon born June 13, 2010. He is made of a gorgeous merino wool which is a velvety deep shade of navy or cobalt blue. His belly and claws are merino wool. Nightshade measures 3 1/2 inches tall standing and 7 1/2 inches long with his tail extended.

Now available in my Etsy shop!

His gorgeous wings change colour in the light.

His claws are sculpted of paperclay and are tinted black.

Each scale on his back was sculpted individually and added one by one

Here is view of his underbelly which was carefully sculpted.


 Here are alternate views of Nightshade.

Nightshade is available in my Etsy shop.

 Here are updates of Nightshade as he was a work in progress. See him come to life from his armature below.

June 13: Nightshade is complete!


June 12: Today has been quite a frustrating day, as I have been putting finishing touches onto Nightshade. I was not satisfied with the claws I was felting and after three attempts of not getting it right in felt, I tried embroidery which did not work out for me either. 

I have now sculpted claws out of paperclay and tinted them black. Tomorrow, they should be hardened and ready to apply. Fingers crossed!

June 9:  Added his horns! Still need to shape them and add the second set. I also added on some of his toes & shaped the rest. Still need to attach them all and add claws.

He is looking so great! Can't wait to be finished.

June  7: Scales have been added and shaped. Nightshade is looking amazing! Tonight work will begin on his horns and hopefully will have his claws done.


June 6: Last night, Nightshade got his underbelly completed and I have started on his scales. Each scale is made individually and attached one by one. Tonight, I hope to finish him or at the very least work on his horns. Just under 20 hours have gone into Nightshade.

June 5: Last night spent quite a bit of time on Nightshade's face. He could quite possibly be my favourite dragon so far. Loving how his personality is really shining through.

His feet have been added. Now to continue fleshing him out and onto belly, horns and scales!

June 4: Time to get back to work on Nightshade! I spent a few hours over the week fleshing him out and started building his head.

Today, I have set the eyes and am ready to give him his personality! Not sure which direction he will go in yet. Started on the feet, hopefully all four will be on tonight!

May 31: There are not enough hours in the day... Here is Nightshade started. Today I just wrapped the armature and started fleshing him out. Say "hi" to Shrek peeking out in the background! :)

I will hopefully have some more done tomorrow. I would love to have him completely fleshed out and ready for his face then.

May 29: Nightshade is a work in progress. Here is his wire armature used as a framework that will be covered in merino wool and felted, as my other dragons have been.

The wings have already been created and are made of fantasy film over wire and have been sealed.

I have chosen the colours I will be working with for Nightshade. His body will be a deep navy blue and his underbelly a gorgeous blend of violets, purples and blues. For the eyes I will be using orange/amber acrylic eyes.

Check back frequently for updates as I try to post daily or at the very least on a weekly basis. I work on my projects whenever I have free time.

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