Monday, October 4, 2010

Custom: Death Pony & Fae

My Little Pwny
I've been working on some custom orders this week and have completed two so far. First is Death Pony the Apocalypse Pony. This was taken from a sketch from Robot Chicken as mentioned in my previous posts.
Death Pony is needle felted over a wire armature with a washed wool core. The top layer is New Zealand Corriedale wool. The mane and tail are mulberry silk that has been hand rooted. Garnet Swarovski crystal eyes that blaze in the light give this figure an eerie look. Chain necklace and crystal detailing with "666" brand felted in white merino.

The mask is sculpted in paperclay and is removable. It has been painted in metallic silver acrylic paint and coated in satin varnish.

Fae is a baby dragon order where my amazing customer let me do my own thing. Fae is needle felted over a wire armature in mint New Zealand Corriedale wool. Her belly is lilac New Zealand Corriedale wool, and her tiny horns, claws and teeth are felted.

Her wings are fantasy film over wire and are sealed. Fae has gorgeous yellow glass eyes.

These dolls are not available to purchase but you can order your own custom doll.



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