Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the Day...

Before I had my own computer, blog or online shop I did a lot of things. I would go for walks, take a day trip to New York City, hang out with friends or make things. I was in a band for a few years which was a second full time job in and of itself. I lost all of that over the years with having the world at my fingertips: all of the useless information, news, funny pictures of cats and silly videos I could ever want available 24/7 to distract me.

With the death of my laptop and my only internet on my mobile phone, I was left with a lot of spare time. Much more time than I have been used to over the last decade or so. With all this time in front of my computer and my computer desk doubling as my workspace, I've put on some weight (being an avid baker/cook with a sweet tooth and quitting smoking didn't help either). So in all of my free time twiddling my thumbs and watching reruns of American television on the four tv channels I have here, I decided to finally do something to help myself.

I decided to join a gym, and was horrified during my signup process to learn I am 75kg (165lbs). Not my heaviest by far. I was once tipping the scales at nearly 200lbs and a size 18/20 at my worst. Not so healthy considering I am barely 5 feet tall. So the death of my laptop was both a blessing and a curse. It made me get up and do something I really needed to do for my well being. I am now going to the gym and am working out regularly (3 times a week for 1 hour). I am also eating better.

Back when I was nearly 200lbs, I joined Jenny Craig and stayed on the program for a little over 2 months. I lost 40lbs and felt amazing. It taught me better eating habits and portion control and I was fully committed to the diet. The problem was it is bloody expensive. I quit to save money, but the good habits stayed with me and I kept on 1200 calories a day and tried to make good choices. Unfortunately, that all stopped when I moved to New Zealand. I discovered new foods and new sweets and before I knew it all the hard earned (and expensive) new habits were gone.

So here I am, back at the beginning 165lbs and fully committed. I will try to update my progress weekly and my goal is to lose 40lbs (18kgs).

In the meantime, I am still working on my dolls. Just about done with a unicorn, and I am really wanting to get Ludo completed. I am probably a few weeks away from a new laptop, but will make an effort to update my blog regularly. It is awfully tedious blogging on this tiny mobile phone keyboard though.

I hope you are all well and will keep you posted!

Also, as of right now I am just 4 blog followers away from 100. That means the giveaway drawing is not too far away! How exciting!!!


  1. Best of luck with losing weight, your creations are preempt cool, cheers Marie

  2. Wishing you good luck with your weight goals. I've put on weight myself this winter with all those so called comforts foods i need lol But spring is in the air and who know's what will happen.
    I love your Felted Creations
    Cheers Karen xoxo

  3. Good luck with the weight loss! I've been trying to lose the weight I've put on after starting my hormone therapy and it seems impossible. Keep us updated!



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