Saturday, July 17, 2010

Journey to the Labyrinth!

Once I have gone epic, there is nowhere else to go. On the heels of the completion of Falkor, I am starting my newest piece: Ludo from Labyrinth.

I expect the time frame to be roughly the same (3 weeks). Ludo will be a 6" doll, needle felted body, horns sculpted of paperclay. His fur will be Tibetan lambswool and his eyes will be amber acrylic. How fortuitous that I happened to have all the right colours and supplies on hand!

A work in progress post is to follow, so check back often for updates!


  1. I can't wait to see this after how great Falkor turned out! I could see you making something from Dark Crystal next :)

  2. WOW you are an excellent guesser :)

  3. I've really enjoyed your blog so far and everything you make is so perfect and wonderful! There's a little surprise for you over at my blog.



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