Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Snowshoe Hare on its way home

Although I am in the business of creating and selling dolls, I find it very hard to say goodbye sometimes. Each doll is a little piece of me...a mood I was in, an idea I had, a long afternoon in the sunshine...

I was reflecting on my ritual of when I sell one, how I let go. All of my dolls are kept in a glass cabinet until they are sold. I will select it from the case, inspect it & make any little adjustments needed before it is sent off to its new home.

Their tags are made and attached, they are packed into a box or bag and I write out a contents tag.

It is a small ritual that makes it just a little bit easier to say goodbye.

This month I have said goodbye to some of my best (so far) and favourite creatures:

Snowshoe Hare



I am on holiday all this week so I will be working on a few new creatures! More to come...



  1. Awww! When my son was little, we had an Easter basket tradition of bunnies with big feet - and Snowshoe would be hopping right in! Adorable.

  2. I very much relate Irma - hard to say goodbye to things you have poured your heart and energies into :)

  3. i always feel so odd when i try to explain my attachment to my craft creations. im just glad im not the only one. i just always hope they go to a good new home



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